Good to See You

As part of our website relaunch, we're building a brand new LEx Leader Portal.  We'll be in touch with any update soon.

LEx Leader Handbook

Once you've been accepted as a FosterClub Lived Experience (LEx) Leader, there are several documents you'll need to review, submit, and/or sign.

This might interest you:

Look for Your Youth/Alumni Group

We're working on building a complete Directory of Leadership Groups, Advisory Councils, and Peer Support Orgs. Make sure the ones you are involved with, and let us know about any additions or corrections.

Help Kick-Start the New App

We're launching a new App to help young people get connected to each other and the resources they need to know about. And they'll certainly want to hear from FosterClub LEx Leaders like you!

Get in Touch

We'd love for you to drop us a line and provide us updated contact info. We'd also love to hear about what you have going on (school? work? leadership activities?).

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